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Cyprus is an attractive destination for a variety of reasons, including its strategic location, beauty, rich history, and favorable economic climate. 

Some of the key factors that contribute to its attractiveness are:

  • Strategic Location 

  • Beautiful Natural Environment 

  • Cultural Heritage 

  • Investment Opportunities 

  • Low Taxation 

  • Business-Friendly Environment 

  • Quality of Life 

  • Education 

  • Stability and Security 

Asides from the obvious real estate investment opportunities that are very attractive for foreign investors, Cyprus is very much willing to have foreign companies and startups set up their base in the different Cypriot cities. 

Cyprus has been actively promoting itself as a hub for startups and innovative businesses, particularly in sectors such as fintech, information technology, and research and development. The government has also introduced initiatives to support entrepreneurship and innovation, including funding programs and startup incubators.

We believe there is room for a lot of collaborations and would be happy to assist you.​

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