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nexxworks helps companies regain the fluidity and radical innovation they lost as they grew. We inspire with the most radical innovations in your industry. We fire up your extreme customer centricity, with a double transformation: digital AND human. We jump-start the fluid connected networks you need to innovate internally. And we make sure the changes stick. 


The nexxworks thought-leader community was founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneur Peter Hinssen. In 2015, he was joined by his business partners Rik Vera and Steven Van Belleghem. What brought them together is their conviction that digital is just the beginning of a massive societal and professional shift. They believe that many companies are not armed and ready for the disruption this will entail. That is why they are passionate about infusing radical innovation in incumbents to help them thrive in this age of networks.

Nexxworks IN ISRAEL

Nexxworks is bringing to Israel a delegation of over 28 Belgian Executives that will be discovering the Israeli ecosystem and the way Blockchain, IOT and AI influence the manufacturing processes.

On June 3rd we will be at Google Campus Tel Aviv from 14.00 to 17.30 to meet with start ups related to these industries.

For more details about this event and for meeting these executives, please contact us

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