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Marketing First hosted a delegation of Belgian executives that came to Israel to discover its vibrant innovation ecosystem. 

Israel is well-known for its thriving startup culture and technological advancements, so it's no wonder that so many international delegations come over to understand the reasons behind this success. 

During the delegation's visit, Marketing First organized a series of activities to showcase Israel's innovation ecosystem including:  

  • Company visits: The delegation met various Israeli startups, technology hubs, and research institutions to get a firsthand look at the innovative work being done.  

  • Networking events: Marketing First organized networking events to facilitate interactions between the executives and Israeli entrepreneurs,  

  • Innovation ecosystem overview: To give the delegation a comprehensive understanding of Israel's innovation ecosystem, we arranged meetings and presentations at various universities, research & development centers, and incubators/accelerators. 

  • Cultural experiences: Alongside the business-focused activities, Marketing First included cultural experiences to enrich the delegation's visit.  

Planning a trip to Israel to discover its vibrant innovation ecosystem?

Contact us and we will make sure to organize every detail of the trip and offer you meetings with the most relevant companies and unforgettable experiences for your corporate executives. Fill in the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours

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