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In today’s volatile markets, outsourcing allows companies to enjoy top-level expertise while maintaining a competitive edge. Outsourcing marketing services allows companies to carry out ambitious marketing initiatives without interrupting ongoing marketing work, while it allows startups and small companies to enjoy a highly professional service on a budget.

According to a 2012 research from Forrester, large tech companies outsource over 35% of their marketing functions in their continuing effort to get better results at a lower cost.

Here are some very good reasons why every CEO should consider outsourcing part of all of the company’s marketing activities:

  1. Marketing schedules are uneven. Hectic preparations for exhibitions, customer events or product launches are balanced by relatively quiet periods. By outsourcing work during busy times, companies allow their internal team to focus on core tasks and strategy, rather than working from one emergency to the next.

  2. Small companies often don’t need a full marketing department. With marketing outsourcing, even modest marketing investments can yield better results. If the company’s marketing plan does not call for a full time Marketing Manager, it can still enjoy the services of an experienced professional.

  3. Get results quickly. Dedicated marketing agencies have access to marketing resources and providers and can carry out marketing initiatives quickly and effectively.

  4. Make your marketing capacity fit your business phase. Outsourcing marketing can support rapid growth, or complement a smaller marketing team during a slump. Outsourcing delivers the flexibility that businesses need working in volatile markets.

  5. Diversity of talent. Marketing outsourcing can complement the skills and expertise of the in-house team with new specialties, market expertise, and different languages.

  6. Hiring good marketing people is difficult and choosing the right marketing professionals can be difficult for managers who specialize in other fields. Moreover, good marketing people know their value, i.e. they’re expensive to hire. Marketing outsourcing give you immediate access to top-notch marketers at a much smaller cost.

  7. Last but not least, outsourced marketing is more creative. Working on multiple projects and exposure to marketing strategies in different fields gets our creative juices flowing. Outsourcing marketing will bring a new perspective and fresh thinking into your company.

The benefits of marketing outsourcing change from one company to another, depending on strategy, the skills of in-house teams and target markets. CEOs and VPs of Marketing should consider what marketing functions can be outsourced to reduce costs and improve results.

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