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Social Media Marketing Tools

What are social media marketing tools?

Why do you need them?

Social media intelligence tools are tools that allow you to scout social media and look for specific queries (words or names) that are relevant to you. Most of them will also crawl the Internet (websites, blogs, forums,) and access sometimes millions of sources just to bring you the results that are relevant to your query.

The more accurate you are with defining your query (by using filters or Boolean operators), the better, since it will allow you to eliminate the “noise” and receive only the results that are relevant to you.

Most of these tools are able to crawl social the social networks and the Internet in different languages (including non-Latin languages).

However, there are some limitations regarding their access to certain networks (which might be of importance to you). Their ability to crawl LinkedIn content and Facebook content (asides from specific pages that you would need to define up-front) is in several cases limited. Twitter however is very accessible.

Social Media Marketing Tools

In this blog post, I will not get into the considerations of which tool is better and why. It all depends on your requirements and what you intend to do with the tool.

What is it good for?

Now we are getting into the fascinating part. These tools allow you to monitor and “feel” your brand, your PR and marketing campaigns, your audience's reactions and sentiment (sometimes the audience will react differently in function of their country).

It will also allow you to handle a crisis or handle the reputation of your brand/product or service if a problem arises.

Another aspect which is nonetheless important is identifying potential threats, disgruntled employees and latent problems.

For any matter regarding your social media initiatives, do not hesitate to contact us.

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